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International Business
Guidance to companies already operating in the international business arena and to those planning to expand their
business internationally. Services range from advice on strategies related to international expansion, communications,
public relations and media issues, to multicultural training for executives and staff.
Strategic Communications
Counsel and expertise to help define the strategic direction of our clients’ external and internal communication efforts and
create an effective plan designed for flawless execution. Services cover all aspects of strategic and corporate
communications and consider interaction with other areas of our clients’ business, including partner relations, government
relations, business development, sales, marketing and human resources.
Media and Public Relations
Specialized advice to assist clients in the development and implementation of effective bilingual media and public
relations plans, focusing on the efficient integration of efforts to ensure maximization of resources. Services include the
definition, concept and writing of all communication and public relations collateral material (available in English and
Spanish) needed to support the media and public relations plans.
Professional translation services (English into Spanish and Spanish into English) for businesses and individuals.
Translations display a superior level of professionalism in both general and specialized vocabulary, with correct spelling,
grammar and syntax in the target language. Special attention is given to reflect appropriate cultural nuances and formal
and informal styles of writing, conforming to cultural standards and writing etiquette.
Expert photography services for business and individual needs, available in English and Spanish. Services are provided
by a versatile and experienced photojournalist specialized in press conferences, expositions, sports and special events
coverage in the United States and international markets.
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